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Cuesta Radio, where we let the vibes choose the playlist.


KGUR is temporarily streaming on this website due to the fact that Google Sites does not allow for Twitch to be embedded on their pages. DJ Lokknessie's website is powered by Wix, which means the livestream will be available only here, if not the Twitch page itself.
Hey, listeners! Here is the live stream for KGUR Radio! This is the temporary home until the Fall 2023 semester. Our station is undergoing lots of changes and renovation, to make sure you get the best content and music.
We will be recruiting new Radio DJs in the fall, so please reach out if you are interested! Go to the official website to find out more. You can also get a sneak peak at our new style!

As soon as our team connects the stream and turns the mic toward the power line, you can tune in live at your convenience! For those listening live on campus, we hope you enjoy our brand new DJs! Our previous shows are on the official KGUR Radio Station website, click the button below to go on a musical journey.

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